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Hot Like Fire!

What Makes the Spring Market So Hot? You’ve heard about it, but here’s why it matters if you’re thinking of selling your home. If you’ve ever met a real estate agent, you’ll know that they talk about the Spring Market with the kind of anticipation and delight most people reserve for birthdays or holidays. They […]

Trendy or Timeless Home Improvements

Home “Improvements” That Aren’t Make sure your upgrades don’t end up hurting your home’s value. One of the most heartbreaking things that can happen at an Open House or private showing is walking through a perfectly charming house, envisioning its potential, then walking headlong into a deal-breaker.   Maybe it’s shiplap or panelling in the […]

Interest Rates and Home Affordability

Interest Rates and Home Affordability Worried that rising rates could derail your home buying goals? Don’t. There are a variety of ways to limit the damage and stay on track. One of the factors driving the health of the housing market over the last few years of economic recovery has been consistently low interest rates. […]

Lifestyles of the (Alexandria) Rich and Famous

You know Alexandria is a great place to live. Check out some of our notable neighbors. Alexandria is a fantastic place to live, with great shopping, restaurants, natural beauty, and, of course, proximity to all of the glamour, pomp, and circumstance of DC’s political elite. But Alexandria also has many residents and former residents who […]